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The Experience


It’s important to me that your session is relaxed and full of fun. I will guide you each step of the way to make this an easy, stress-free experience.  In our increasingly digital world, a physical print remains a powerful way to connect you with a moment. When you schedule your portrait session with me, you are one step closer to preserving your families’ legacy with beautifully crafted images.

I want to photograph and celebrate your family.

You deserve to be photographed.

Whether it be:

You + your partner + your child(ren)

You + your best friend(s)

You + your mother

You + your father

You + your lover

or just YOU!

The combinations are limitless, the outcome is priceless!

A session with me is more than just a way to have family photographs. It's an evening out celebrating your love, bonds, and adventures. While we will get our styled images, we will also be sure to capture the in-between moments. The hand holding, eye gazing, laughter and everything in between. 

Are You ready?


"I was so excited to have my family photographed by Claudia. She captured my family in their natural light, smiling and enjoying each other's company. I will forever remember the affection we all felt at that very moment."

- Denise

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Getting To Know You

Let's chat and discuss the details of your session.  Getting to know what makes your family laugh, the special bonds and anything else you want to share will help to create a timeless portrait session.  It's the first step in creating beautifully crafted heirlooms for your family to hold on to and pass down to generations.


Schedule + Welcome Packet

Schedule your session and receive a client only welcome packet filled with tips and suggestions to provide a stress free, fun and energetic portrait session.


Design and Ordering Session

Shortly after your portrait session we will meet for your design session. Here you will be able to view your portraits for the first time and choose the family heirlooms that will be cherished forever. How do you plan on displaying your loving family? Mounted prints, albums, folio box, frames prints or even canvases - its up to you!



Starting at $500

Investing in beautifully crafted custom artwork of your family is the easiest decision one can make. I'm here to help you create lasting memories, which will be cherished for generations.  Most clients typically invest between $1,000-$4,000 in finished products. We have something to fit the needs of everyone.