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What to wear for family photos?

Following these simple steps will make your experience and family portrait session fun and enjoyable.

Believe it or not wardrobe is an important factor to elevating your photos.

You don’t need to be a fashionista. All you need is some time and thought, which will bring your photos from "that’s nice" to “WOW, love it!”

1. Plan your outfits early! You don't want to be caught scrambling the day of trying to find items that go together. You want your outfits to compliment you and your family as well as the environment (location). Each family member should have a complete look from head to toe (more on this to come).

2. Start with the hardest person to shop for in your family.  Use what you have or purchase their outfit first. Pick an outfit that is comfortable and makes them feel confident, then coordinate everyone else.

3. Choose a neutral base color pallet and add pops of color (be careful not to overdo it).  I usually tell clients to pick one neutral color such as navy or brown (tan) then pick complimentary colors. From there mix and match the family with these colors while adding in minimal patterns (that are NOT loud) and textures. Some great color combinations for the fall are: navy/warm yellow, gray/blue/pink, brown/cream/maroon.

4. Stay coordinated, but don’t be afraid to mix textures, patterns, and colors that compliment each other. Here’s your chance to bring out your personality. Getting creative with your accessories gives your photos that extra pop! Accessories work for all ages and genders making it the perfect way to express your personality. Even layering your clothing provides that extra depth. Be it scarves, vests, belts, jackets, jewelry, or shoes! Tip: When dressing the boys in the family, create diversity among them. Having all wear similar colored clothes can get boring. Incorporate vests, ties/bow ties, jackets, etc to mix up their looks.

5. Think about your home. If you plan on displaying the photos, keep your home style in mind.

Most importantly come feeling fabulous and ready to share your family personalities.

Click HERE for some examples and other tips from my Pinterest page.

Here are some client examples of how they pulled their look together. Notice the simple color choices mixed with accessories and textures.

Check out some examples below

Notice the use of accessories in this photo. The scarf, hair bow, necklace all tie in perfectly with the blue/pink color scheme.

I love the texture these sweaters provide this beautiful fall family photo. The solid colored sweaters and corduroy pants allow the pops of color in the mom and baby's sweater to catch your eye without them being distracting.

The gray/maroon combination here is subtle yet perfect. The slight pops of color under the dad and boy on right keep them coordinated yet help to not overwhelm. The use of the vest, suspenders and bow tie really bring some great character to the photo.

Some extra tips to keep in mind:

1. Bring a comb/brush. The weather can easily affect your hair. A quick comb out can make a huge difference.

2. If you have little ones with you, bring a favorite toy for them to hold on to or even play with. Once they are comfortable we can easily remove the item for additional images.

3. Snacks are welcome for the kids (and grown ups too). Being hungry does not aid in calm cooperative behaviors. A quick snack can change the mood and keep kids engaged.

4. Bring a change of shoes (this one is for you mom). Some outdoor locations might not be well suited for evening shoes, so a change of shoes can help you walk comfortably in grassy areas. Of course you can change your shoes prior to getting caught on film.

Being prepared and confident in your outfit will make your photo session a breeze. It will give you the opportunity to enjoy your family and capture lasting memories.

Hope this information has helped you prepare for your photo session.

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