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What does it really take to make an image great?

Debunking common photography myths

Many of you have asked me about my process for taking and making great images. In this post, I take some time to write about some common photography myths and shed a little bit of light on all the hard work that goes into my images.

Like many services, there are a few common misconceptions about photography. Here are the big myths:

- All you need is a really nice, expensive camera

- Posing and wardrobe aren’t important – just smile and say “CHEESE”

- The photographer just shoots and “voila” the image is ready for print

Here’s the reality

- Having a nice camera is a small part of the equation.

- Posing, wardrobe, lighting, and editing are what really make an image great.

- Knowing how to compose and set up a shot makes an enormous difference

- What you wear matters – A LOT.

I put a ton of work into editing and retouching my images. This includes everything from, focusing light on the subject, enhancing color tones, hiding unwanted distractions to the image (fly away hair), etc.

Here are a couple of examples from some of my sessions. You can see how everything comes together: good posing, great wardrobe, and editing techniques to make the image come alive.

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