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To smile or not to smile during a photography session | Wilton CT | Family Portrait Photographer

Picture this. Everyone is looking their finest, you are excited for a family fun focused evening. It’s time for your family portrait session and you are preparing your children and possibly husband beforehand, during the car ride to your session and right before you get out of the car…

You: “Now guys, it’s important to mommy that you smile for your pictures today.”

Family: “I don’t like to smile.” Or “I don’t want to.”

You: “Well, do it for me!”

Does this sound familiar? If so, don’t worry.

Everyone being photographed should just be natural. With the help of your photographer and family you will be making connections rather than forcing a smile. Being friendly, talking, joking, being silly and just plainly being you, will create a perfect storm of natural beauty.

Of course in ten years from now, you'll want to see that ear to ear grin and the pearly whites on your families faces. But you'll also want to see them relaxed and photographed the way you normally view them. Looking happy doesn’t always mean smiling. Looking happy is creating natural connections with the ones you love and your viewers (who ever is looking at your photographs). Instead of a forced smile, just be you and look friendly. The serious look, half smile, full smile and even the belly laugh will all be photographed. There is no reason to worry. Let it happen naturally and each and every photo will be cherished.

An experienced photographer will help to create special moments that will bring out your true connections and bonds with each other. And right at that perfect moment and a click of the shutter, a preserved memory will be created.

Want some simple and easy tips? Check out this video. Julie Andrews just made me smile watching this.

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