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Scrapbook Project | Connecticut Photographer

The world right now has proved to be a difficult time. We all have uncertainties during the Covid pandemic, but one thing is true, we have our loved ones close. During these times, we find ourselves trying to entertain our children in ways we normally wouldn’t. We’re feeling joy in little aspects of the day and, honestly, pain in other moments wanting to pull our hair out. Something we can walk away with, by the end of this unpredictable time, are the many memories being created at home.

Now is your chance to create lasting moments. As a family, you can work together to capture photographs of each other. Yes, moms and dads, that means you, too, need to be in the photographs. Let your child take a candid photo of you making dinner or resting on the couch!

With this said, I have created the Scrapbook Project. Subscribe to my scrapbook newsletter and I’ll send you weekly emails highlighting a particular theme in which I’ll provide some tips and tricks to taking a great photo around that theme. I encourage you to take at least one image every day, but of course take more. By the end of the project, you will have a great assortment of photos that can be turned into your very own personal album. And don't worry about needing a high end camera. Just use your cell phone, that's what I am doing, as I am not focusing on making these photos perfect. I am focusing on simply taking advantage of all the positive opportunities I can and turning them into lasting memories.

Albums are a great way to gather as a family and reflect back on meaningful moments. I look forward to having you join my Scrapbook Project and helping you create lasting memories. As my way of saying thanks, you will receive a $250 coupon to use at a later date to photograph your family.

Sign up today to be part of this fun, worthwhile adventure.

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