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Prints v.s. the 'cloud'

A few months ago my uncle came to visit from Florida. While we were taking photos of him with my children, he stopped and started to laugh. He then says “I don’t understand why people even take photos any more. One minute you see them and then POOF they are gone in the cloud somewhere.” This immediately got me thinking.

The days of sifting through grandmas photo box or the family album are long gone. Yet it’s usually a great way to spend some time and reflect on the happy and sad moments in life.

Today all everyone wants is the digital file, but what happens to those files?

For many people the files just sit in their computer. Some might use one photo for a small frame or the holiday card. Sadly, however, that is all that gets done. The rest usually end up in the dreadful 'cloud'.

Over the years, photographing many beautiful faces, I've learned the importance of my job.

It's certainly more than just being the person behind the camera. I've found its my job to help create moments. Moments that last, moments that get looked upon years down the road and moments that put a smile on ones face. It's my job to help preserve those photographic moments. Creating high quality wall art to decorate the walls of a home or crafting an album. An album that will be a page turner for all to admire.

Most importantly I want to help bring back the nostalgic days of sitting on the couch or around the table, with family, passing around photos and reminiscing about the special moments we share in life.

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