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Mother/Daughter Portrait Photography Session

Time with your mother and/or your children is precious. You have learned that time goes way too quickly and our children grow way to fast. Stopping time by photographing your moments together, is just what will keep your special connection alive. So when is the right time for you to experience a mother/daughter photography session? The answer is, now!

Tiffany reached out to me asking to capture her sweet daughter and their special connection. She especially wanted to capture the moments they have together and freeze time before her daughter, Hope, gets too big and enters Kindergarten. “Having photographs to display around the house, is special to me as a single mother”, Tiffany said. So that is just what we did. We set out on a beautiful evening in Newtown CT and photographed the moments that they shared together. Watching Hope’s, playful, funny, energetic personality come out as she engaged with her mother was priceless.

When I asked Tiffany and Hope, to walk towards the camera while interacting with each other, Hope immediately started to walk as if she was on the run way. Then she turned and looked at her mother and gave her this sweet gaze and smile. The love she has for her mother really was something special to watch. Tiffany had mentioned that she hopes Hope knows that she would do anything for her. After watching this moment unfold and seeing the love between them, it is clear that Hope's world is with her mother.

As parents we love to capture the moments and freeze time with our children, however we aren't always in the photo. Usually this is because we are the ones behind the camera. Scheduling a portrait session with a photographer is a great way to make sure that you too are always captured with your children.

CT and NY Portrait Photography – Let’s Chat

Getting to know and meet knew families in Fairfield County, Westchester County and surrounding areas is always great fun. I love capturing the interactions and personalities of all family members. Having the opportunity to help you create lasting memories is the best part of my job. Take a look at my portfolio and reach out to schedule your outdoor session.


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