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Making the right choice when hiring a photographer

Not every photographer is the same. We are all creative people who see the world in different lights, shades, and shapes. Photography is subjective, just like all art genres. Many photographers create the image even before the camera is placed up to the eye ready for the shutter to be pressed. In regards to portrait photographers, they visualize the subjects in the scene and compose the image in just the way they want to capture it, many times with their edit already in mind.

When looking for a photographer choose one based on your subjective vision (tastes). Choose a photographer whose work stops you in your tracks when you see it, be it on social media, friend's walls, etc. If you are drawn to one photographer based on their style, hire them! Hiring a photographer based on cost will usually end in disappointment. Your photographs are meant to capture timeless memories that you look back on for years – investing in a photographer whose style you love always be worth it.

Contact Claudia to capturing your family and start creating lasting memories. I am a full service photographer here to help you through this exciting experience, from start to finish.

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