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Make Changes And Adjust Your Sails | Ridgefield CT Family Photographer

Day, I don't know what into this pandemic and my mind is full of different thoughts and beliefs. The amount of items I wish to accomplish are endless yet I can't seem to focus on any. Something had to change yet I couldn't figure out what. Then I saw this great post by Self Care Bestie about adjusting your sails. She started with a great quote by Elizabeth Edwards and it put many of my thoughts into perspective.

She stood in the storm,

and when the wind did not blow her way,

she adjusted her sails.

- Elizabeth Edwards.

We are all juggling many tasks these days; house chores, homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, work, repeat. The constant feeling of not getting ahead is in the forefront of our minds. We day dream about what was, what is, and what will be. We lash out at our significant others, children and even ourselves. We find ourselves in a world wind of emotions.

There is always a way back to center and that is with self care and reflection. Working on you will always help fix everything else around you. When you are centered you can conquer all the obstacles that are in your way. When you can reflect on what's troubling you you can can make the changes needed to steer you back on track.


Create time for you to meditate, exercise, read, write, or whatever it is that calms you. When you feel calm you are more likely to be focused and productive.


When something isn't working change it. Don't be afraid of change. Change is what makes us grow. And if the change isn't working change it again. It's like cooking a meal. Sometimes the ingredients need to be adjusted to get that flavor spark. You add garlic to the mix, taste it and realize you need more, so you add more. Same thing applies. If you need to change what you are doing, change it until it "taste'' right.


Prioritize your day. Make a list of all the tasks you need to accomplish for the day and celebrate all the little wins. Even if you only have three items on your list, checking them off provides a real sense of accomplishment and pride. Check those items off your list today!

For more details and great information check out Self Care Bestie.

Take it one day at a time and enjoy your time with your family. If there is one thing you can do during this time is relax and create moments with the ones you love. If you are looking for a fun way to document the little moments check out the Scrapbook Project.

Talk soon!

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