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Looking and feeling your best for your family photography session.

How should I do my hair? What about my makeup?

These are questions I am asked often when scheduling a family portrait session. The wife/mother is usually the one to schedule a family session and wants to make sure everyone looks their best.

So what is my answer…

If you are going to spend the money to hire a photographer to take family, child portraits one should look and feel their best. These will be photographs you will look back on time and time again. You don’t want to get caught with your roots showing, wild hair, or your skin not looking its finest.

I’ve photographed many different types of families from those who do nothing and show up in their day to day looks, to those that really want their family to look top notch. I’m always confused when a client contacts me, after a session, and says “I wish I did my hair”. Or “I forgot to put on mascara, can you photoshop it on?” You’ve scheduled a photography session to capture you and your family, so why not complete the look with confidence and proudly show off those stunning images.

We all have our imperfections so why not treat yourself to a fresh cut and a makeup application to feel and look your best.

I reached out to a local salon in Ridgefield, CT (Fairfield County) to hear their perspective.

Here’s what Ciao Bella Salon had to say:

Whatever the occasion may be for a professional photo shoot, serious consideration should be given before the shoot to have you looking and feeling your best! Hiring pro's for hair and makeup will give you a flawless look for a superb photo finish. Here at Ciao Bella Salon we have had the distinct honor and pleasure of being a part of numerous photo shoots for a variety of occasions. In fact we feel the services go hand in hand.

Our makeup artists are well versed in what the camera can or cannot pick up and believe makeup for a photography session should be a bit more accentuated than a client's everyday look but not overdone. Using their training and skills allows them to highlight a client's best attributes while diminishing less desirable ones for a beautiful finish. Camera ready makeup is significantly different in application, by using professional techniques and products our artists can achieve a flawless look.

Our hairstylists believe that the first step is always a thorough consultation. Since photos are such lasting memories we want to ensure we are providing styles that our clients will love each and every time they look at their photos. Our stylists believe in creating a professional, lasting style whatever the conditions of the day may be. By using top quality products and tools we can ensure hair is not susceptible to the elements than can wreak havoc on a style like humidity or lighting. Our portfolio of products allows us to handle any of these situations. Camera ready hair should appear smooth, shiny and polished.

As an added bonus hiring a pro alleviates a lot of stress on picture day by not having to tackle both tasks! These are lasting memories that should be an enjoyable and fun experience from beginning to end.

I think Ciao Bella Salon hit the nail on the head with their response. Enjoy the time you have with your family and leave the hair detangling and makeup applications to the pro’s.

You’ll thank yourself later!

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