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Home is the foundation of your family memories.

The moment you realize you get to bring home your new baby is the best feeling in the world. The time you are about to spend holding, feeding and loving your newborn is priceless. Entering into a home for a lifestyle newborn session is an honor. Capturing these first few moments is the best way to help preserve these early stages for mom, dad, grandparents and the whole family.

In-home lifestyle sessions capture the setting for your growing family. Your home provides a foundation for your family's memories. Documenting these moments will instill stories for all to tell. When you look back decades from now, your children will remember sitting on the sofa reading to their baby brother/sister or building towers with their favorite blocks. When I think back to my favorite photos of when I was younger, I can recall the homes I once lived. They remind me of where I came from, clothing styles, and most important stories to tell. Lots might change over the years, however, one thing will remain constant, and that is your family story.

These precious moments are soon filled with new ones, each as important from the next.

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