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Holiday Photography Tips

The holiday season is top on the list for creating memorable photos. Everything about the holidays is beautiful, especially the ones of your loved ones full of holiday spirit, your children opening their presents or the romantic kiss under the mistletoe. In this quick tutorial you will learn some basic tips to help you capture that picture-perfect memory; whether it is for this upcoming holiday season or just some simple tips for your next memorable moments.

#1 Lighting

Lighting is important in capturing faces full of light and cheer. If it is daylight, utilize natural light from windows. Arrange your subject as close to the window as possible to allow the light to brighten your image. On the other side, if you need to use a flash, try to bounce the light off the ceiling to illuminate your subject, avoiding unwanted shadows.

Pro tip – Be aware of your surroundings. Check for mirrors and other reflective surfaces when using a flash. The glare will be a major eyesore in your holiday photo.

#2 Composition

Composition is one of the most important factors (in my mind) when taking a photograph. If the composition is slightly off, the whole image might just lose its wow factor. The composition is a simple rule of thirds. When looking through your viewfinder (phone or DSLR), divide the photos into three parts from both left to right and up and down. You want your subject to land either in the middle or on each line of the thirds. Remember your subject is what you want to pop in the image, not the distractions around them.

Pro tip – If you can’t seem to get it right, move around a bit until you can visualize the image you want.

#3 Group photos

The closer together the better. After all, if you are spending the holidays with these people you most likely really like them and can get super close. Chose a location where there is enough room for everyone to fit. A popular location would be the living room sofa. Align everyone so all can fill the frame and close the gaps!

Pro tip: Re-arrange furniture if needed.

#4 Be yourself

Most important tip is be you! There is nothing worse than a stuffy photo. Make sure you still keep true to what makes you happy.

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