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Family Stories To Share, Moments To Look Back On

I am sure most of us have traditions that we like to keep going for our children. For some it may be cutting down the Christmas tree, hiking trips every summer, baking cookies with grandma and even Sunday dinner. But what do these traditions mean if they can’t be remembered? At the time, they might not seem to be all that important, however when we look back at our childhood through photographs and revisit all of these great traditions that were made, they sharpen our memories and bring joy to our hearts. They help us make connections to our family and friends while providing a source of identity.

Are you able to remember every tradition or do some of them resurface after being triggered by a photograph? So many questions are asked by our children when looking at old photographs. Who is that, where were we, why did we do that? These questions help guide our children and form connections with their past, family bonds, connects generations and much more.

The power of print is extremely important for children in formulating this sense of belonging within a family and society. Print your photos proudly. Not just for you or your children, but for your grandchildren and your legacy as well. Be the reason your family has great stories to tell and moments filled of memories to look back on.

All of the photos below, have an important meaning or tradition behind them. From a lifetime of skiing with my father, kids first running race, traditions of jarring tomatoes to grandmas struffoli and family vacations. All of these moments are spoken about and remembered by the photos that are printed. Of course many of our daily moments may not be taken with a professional photographer behind the camera (like these), yet they still have important meanings, history and a story to tell.

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