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Family photography over the years with Ridgefield based photographer

It has been so beautiful watching this family grow. I met Matt and Amanda back in 2014 for their engagement portraits. They were full of life and the love for each other showed. The way they gazed into each other's eyes and held one another, made you feel like you were watching a love story unfold. Fast forward a few years and they contacted me for their son Logan's newborn photos. He was super snugly and adorable. And guess what...

(Throwback photos from their engagement and newborn portrait sessions)

He still is super adorable. Amanda contacted me to capture the family with their new eight-month-old son, Colton. We decided on a cold fall day at the North County Trailway in Mount Pleasant NY. It was the perfect backdrop for this down to earth loving family portraits. Do your self a favor and take a moment to view the images in the slideshow and experience the connections and memories made.

I can't wait to see how Matt and Amanda plan to display these stunning portraits in their home. If I know Amanda and her style, I would say she's planning on a canvas wall gallery. No better way to admire your loved ones every time you walk past it.

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