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Do you have a special photo that you hold close?

I am sure we all have that special photo in our home. That photo you love to look at over and over again. The one that you always stop to look back at and wonder. Wonder about what was, how, or even why? Well, I do!

This photo was taken in the early 60's of my father, his three brothers, and his mother. I bet you can't guess what this photo was used for?

Believe it or not, it was their passport photo when they came to America from Italy. I know, surprising right! Years later, this photo was found and reprinted for many family members.

(Side note about me: There are a lot of people in my family. My father is one of ten, who all have kids and some of their kids have kids. So yes, we are a loud, happy bunch).

When I received this photo, I quickly framed it. It's a photo I look back at frequently and think about what it was like in Italy. How the journey by boat to the states was? Why they came to America? Embarrassingly, I have to also admit the first time I looked at this photo I could not point out my father.

Regardless of all the reasons behind this photo, or the fact that I couldn't point out my father, this is an image I truly find special. An image I want to hold on to for as long as I can. An image I want my children to have one day. This is a rare photo, as there are very few photos taken of my father when he was younger. Therefore this photo helps me visualize where we came from and who we resemble.

A photograph is meant to be more than a piece of paper in a frame. It's meant to help create the legacy of your family. An heirloom that you can treasure.

I would love to play a game. Recently my father and his brothers got together and took the photo below. These are the same brothers from the passport photo. Let's see who can correctly match the child to adult. Make your selection and add it to the Facebook thread.

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