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Action VS Still Photographs With Connecticut Portrait Photographer











All of the above are great words describing an action. A photo can shine an emotion on a viewer based on the action in the image. I would ask you to close your eyes for this next exercise, but if you did you wouldn't be able to read what is next so just imagine the next scenario best you can.

It's a warm summer evening and you, your significant other, children and possibly pet (if you have one) are on a stroll. Hand in hand creating a long horizontal line, stretching the horizon. You are in the middle and hear sweet giggling whispers from those on the ends. All of a sudden the giggles turn in to laughter and the ends start to meet the middle. Until you too are in full laughter.

You for that moment forgot that your photographer was standing just far enough in front of you to capture the whole thing, that whole moment. To your surprise the whole story unfolds in front of you through beautiful photographs. The still moment of family holding hands, the giggles and wonder of those connected, and the big large moment of laughter hugs and genuine emotion. All of these moments are now frozen in time in photographs. Photos that you will frame for your desk or mount on the wall. Photos that will be a page turner in a custom photo album. No matter the how you preserve those moments, they are yours.

An action photo in my mind doesn't have to be the traditional idea of action. Dancing, spinning, jumping, or whatever resonates with you about action. Action can also be described as the way our emotions change when reflecting back and picturing a moment. If you where to look back at the photo described above you see a still image, you see still hugs, but what you also see is a family engaging in full emotion, full of action.

My plan is to help every family create these beautiful moments every time they reflect back at their photos. Hope to see you in front of the camera soon.

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