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6 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Connecticut Family Photographer Before Booking Them

Are you planning on hiring a photographer to photograph you and your family? Knowing what to expect and what your photographer has to offer are important when hiring the right Connecticut family photographer for your family.

Let's get into these 6 questions to ask your Connecticut Family Photographer.

Can I see some of your recent work? ... Where can I find you online? ...

Yes! You should take a look at my portfolio on my website, Facebook or Instagram. As your photographer, I want to make sure that you like the style of images I create. I can promise that the photos will be beautiful, however you should be aware of the types of images I capture.

How should I prepare my family before the session? ...

You will be more relaxed and your session will be more enjoyable if you take the time to plan and prepare for your session ahead of time. Do not wait for the last minute, as it will put unwanted stress upon you and your family. With that said, once you have scheduled a session with me I will be sending you a VIP welcome packet. Enclosed you will find many suggestions on how to prepare for your session. Some tips that are included are: wardrobe/styling suggestions as well as links to my favorite vendors, preparing your little ones for an evening out with the family, items to pack with you (e.g. brush, snacks for the kids, keepsakes, favorite toys, etc). If you still need more support after reading through the welcome packet, know that I am available to help you along the way.

Will the photos be edited/retouched? ...

In a nutshell, yes! During your session, I will take many, many photos of you and your family. During post processing, I will cull through your images removing the out-takes (closed eyes, silly faces, etc) and flagging the hero images. From there I will edit and retouch the top 20 images. During your design session (see more below) you will be able to view your gallery with these 20 images. If you wanted to swap an image for one that hasn’t been edited yet, no problem, I will make the switch and edit as usual.

How long after will I be able to view and order my images?

We will schedule two dates when you book a session with me. One will be for the portrait session and one for the design session. Design sessions are usually scheduled at least two weeks after your portrait session.

What is a session fee and what does the fee include? You will find many photographers have two costs associated with your portrait session… The session fee (also called a “sitting fee”) and the cost of the products you wish to purchase from your session.

Session Fee:

This fee, charged by most photographers, covers my time and talent, the time needed to edit and retouch your images, the design session and preparing your images for print. This fee is required to schedule your session and is non-refundable should you cancel, however if you need to change your session date the fee will be transferred.

In short:

  • Photographer’s time and talent

  • Additional shooters, assistants, or support staff

  • Image editing, retouching, or optimizing for print/web

  • Number of final images received

  • Design session

  • Preparing and ordering of final images and products (albums, framed prints, canvas, etc)

Product Fee (Design Session)

The Design Session is an exciting time. It’s when you get to view your portrait images for the first time. You will be able to view your photos on an album and/or wall art mock up, choose your favorite images and place your order. How you wish to display and keep your family photos is up to, therefore making the cost different from client to client. Most of my families purchase an album and the digital files. You will be able to choose between a custom album, framed prints, canvas or wood prints (other seasonal items may also be available).

In short:

  • Design Session or product fee will vary based upon your needs and wants.

Connecticut Family Photographer

Being a Connecticut family photographer and getting to know and meet knew families in the surrounding areas is always great fun. I love capturing the interactions and personalities of all family members. Having the opportunity to help you create lasting memories is the best part of my job. Take a look at my portfolio and reach out today to schedule your outdoor session.


You can find more of my portrait sessions on my Facebook and Instagram page. I would love to see you there! Please head over and follow me so we can stay in touch!

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